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Money either helps you, or stops you, from meeting your goals. I can show you how money can help.

Moving Past Fear

When I wanted to take my business full time, I considered pushing back my last day at work to save just a bit more money as a safety net. But I realized that whether I had $10,000 or $100,000 in my emergency fund, I would still be afraid of failing as a business owner. I would still be afraid of what people would think of me for taking this risk. So I chose to go for it despite my fears, knowing that there would never be  a perfect time to leave.

And yes, having $10,000 instead of $0 saved up does save me a lot of stress. It’s a great example of money helping me to reach my goal. But so often, we use money as an excuse to hide behind. And that’s when money starts to hold us back.

It takes courage and awareness to realize when you are being practical versus when you are avoiding the underlying issues. I love helping others find this awareness and use money to go where they want to in life.

Love, Connection, Growth

My top three values in life are love, connection, and growth. Taking my business full time, and processing the fears that were holding me back, greatly increased the connection and growth that I feel daily.

My confidence around money has also helped me:

Crossing the Danube in Budapest

It’s Not Just about the Money

So many people are afraid to go after what they want because they don’t believe they can afford it.

Your fears of taking a year off, or starting a photography business, or taking a pay cut to switch careers are never really about the money. Underneath that “I can’t afford it” attitude, there’s a deep-seated fear of failure, of rejection, or of not deserving your success.

What You Will Get from Lindsey Warren Coaching:

  • Spend money on what’s important to you without feeling restricted
  • Save money for your goals and your future
  • Become confident in your finances, which will spread to confidence in health/career/relationships
  • Learn how to reach your goals by overcoming your underlying fear that you’re not enough

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