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I’m Lindsey, and I started Lindsey Warren Coaching in September 2015. I’m a life coach and writer, and I’m here to teach you to spend and save confidently.

I truly believe that coaching is the best way to get long-lasting, life-changing results. I can help you manage your money stress-free and save more money to do the things you love. Changing your habits around money can improve your whole life, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

The Story Behind Lindsey Warren Coaching

After my college graduation, I took a job as a research engineer for the same company I had interned with. On paper, it was a great job- high starting salary, working with brand new technologies, and traveling to cool places like Germany. Long story short (or read the full version)- I was miserable. I learned that what I wanted and what I thought I should want were two very different things. I started working with a life coach to figure out what I did want. From my coaching experience, I learned that I craved connection, flexibility, and time to spend with the people I love. I read every book and followed every blog on self-development I could find. I improved my relationships, found a job that I enjoyed, and made time for what I really cared about.

Now, I want to help you make the important changes you want to make.

A Few Things about Me:

Crossing the Danube in Budapest
  • I went to 10 countries and 49 cities in one summer when I studied abroad. As an avid hockey fan, one of my new travel goals is to go to all 30 NHL cities.
  • I love reading- I listed some of my favorite books here.
  • My relationships with my boyfriend, family, and friends are the most important things in the world.

What I Can Do for You:

  • Learn to spend and save confidently
  • Learn how changing your habits and beliefs around money will improve your whole life.
  • Explore your thoughts, feelings, and fears, and how they can help you move towards your goals.

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