I’ve been where you are today:

  • Afraid to go after your dreams in life because of money
  • Sick of well-meaning friends telling you what you should do with your finances
  • Overwhelmed at the thought of everything you have to do to save for your future
  • Knowing there must be a better way to deal with stress

An Easier Way to Get Rid of Financial Stress

You’ve probably already seen how money can hold you back and cause you stress. Here’s how I help clients use money as a tool to help them reach their dreams instead.

WHO + WHY you are the person you are today

What brought you to where you are in your financial journey? What’s holding you back from achieving your goals? Why have you chosen the goals you’re working towards?

Just like with your health, I want to solve the underlying issues behind your stress and money problems instead of just fixing the symptoms.

HOW + WHAT you’re going to reach your goals

Now that we’ve identified and worked with the obstacles in your way, it’s time for your action plan. What are the next steps to get you where you want to be?

Walk away with budget templates, goal setting worksheets, and all the support you need to define your plan. Work on your main goals during the program, and find out how to set and achieve new goals after the program ends.

coaching testimonial Susan

What is achieving your goals worth to you?


An investment in coaching can save you thousands of dollars through successful budgeting and saving. You’ll feel confident and secure in your future and be able to afford the lifestyle you want. Having stable finances also provides a great foundation to succeed in other areas of your life, such as your career.


The time it takes to do coaching sessions and homework will save you hours of googling questions only to find conflicting and confusing answers online. Once you have a system that works for you, you’ll save lots of time by following an intuitive system instead of trying to force the newest fad everyone else is trying.


Money is one of the top two causes of strain in romantic relationships. Being on top of your finances and on the same page as your partner can save relationships before you spend thousands of dollars and hours on counseling. You will also have the confidence to stop unhealthy habits in your relationships, like using money as a form of control or resenting that you depend on a family member for money.


You’ll have increased confidence and decreased stress in your finances, which will help decrease your overall stress levels. Less stress leads to better health.

coaching testimonial Katie

You might be thinking…

I don’t have a clear idea of what I want. How can this help me?

Before you set any goals, you’ll get clear on your life vision- aka what you want your life to look like. My clients love the values assessments, goal setting guides, and other techniques I’ve created to help you shape your values, beliefs, and dreams.

I’m trying to save money, not spend it!

Great point! And I’ll answer with another question: would spending money on coaching be worth it to reach your long term financial goals?

In other words, what price would you put on success?

It’s different for every client, but you have the potential to save MUCH more money in the long term than you spend in the short term on coaching.

My”Pay as You Go” program is an easier way that I’ve found to give my clients the best payment plan for their individual needs. We’ll plan together for the easiest way for you to pay without adding to your financial stress.

Signing up for coaching is a big decision!

It makes sense that you would want to know as much as possible before committing.

I start all client relationships with a FREE coaching info session (with no obligation to join!). It’s the perfect opportunity to get a taste of coaching and to get all your questions answered.

I also offer a 100% money back guarantee: you can receive a full refund up to 7 days after your first session with me.

You can check out more FAQs or contact me with any additional questions!