My 2017 Goals

It’s not exactly the beginning of the year, but I wanted to share my 2017 goals with you! I love setting and checking off goals and action items. Writing down and sharing my goals helps me stay accountable, and I can’t wait to share my progress with you throughout the year.

You’ll notice that I have three “levels”: Intentions, Goals, and Action Steps.

Intention Goal Action

An Intention is an abstract ideal.

A Goal is more defined and specific, with an easy way to know when you’ve reached your goal.

An Action Step is a small, manageable step towards your goal.

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Have More Energy

Eat whole foods 80% of the time

Current Action Step: Plan out each meal at the beginning of the week. Choose recipes with whole foods and easy preparation.

I am currently at about 30% whole foods, and getting to 80% by the end of the year is an important goal for me. My main culprits to cut out are junk snacks when I get home from work, and a soda every morning when I get to work.

To me, whole foods include organic vegetables and fruit, whole grains like quinoa or brown rice, nuts, legumes, and organic meat and fish.

Move my body daily for a one month streak

Current Action Step: Plan my exercise out at the beginning of the week based on where I am in my cycle.

Right now, I exercise about 3-4 days every week. I know that planning more up front will help this. After two weeks of scheduling workouts (4/29), I will decide on my next action step. I alternate between swimming and yoga, depending on where I am in my cycle based on Alisa Vitti’s Flo Living protocol. I am recovering from a bad knee injury in November, so no running or long walks for me at the moment.

Be Present

Meditate every day for a one month streak

Current Action Step: Using Insight Timer app to meditate for 10 minutes every morning.

I just hit a 7 day streak this morning! Scheduling a 10 minute block into my calendar was a previous action item that made a huge difference for me. I will re-evaluate my progress on 4/22 and decide on my next action step to keep the streak going.

Side Note: For my meditation and exercise goals, I am planning to continue these habits past one month. In the past, I have found that if I can hit a one month streak, I have formed a long-lasting habit. If I have difficulty following through, I set a new goal and re-evaluate what happened.

Grow My Business

10 new clients in six months (March-August)

Current Action Step: Finish Module 5 of B School by the end of this week (4/22).

I am taking Marie Forleo’s B School, which I signed up for through Kate Northrup and Mike Watts. This is my business goal that I set at the beginning of the program.

Save $15K for sabbatical

Current Action Step: Save $1750 for my sabbatical goal in April. Plan May savings goal on 4/30.

I am saving up for a 6 month sabbatical (plus replenishing my emergency fund). I won’t go into too much detail now, because I have a post coming out on how to save for vacations/sabbaticals soon! But basically, updating my finances regularly helps me to stay on track with my savings goals. I haven’t scheduled my sabbatical yet, but I would like to have the money saved by the end of the year.

Become a Certified Professional Coach

Current Action Step: Practice the skill of empowering questions this week (ending 4/22), in my coaching and my personal life.

I also have a long list of homework assignments for my certification, which I won’t bore you with. This is a very time-consuming goal, but I truly love coaching, and learning how to coach has transformed my life. This goal is my priority for the year.


I’d love to hear what goals you have set for the year, and how you’re following through. Comment below or send me a message!


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