I’m Lindsey Warren, a Core Energy Coach for open-hearted, intuitive women. I work with these women to make long term changes and create a life they love-a life of fulfillment and achievement. My clients have big dreams but don’t always feel like they deserve to reach them, so we build their confidence by aligning their lives and goals with their values. I love connecting with these women- I feel excited just to get to work with them!

Have You Ever Felt Like This?

Three years ago, I hated my job, spent money on things I didn’t need, and tried to ignore the weird pains that kept bothering me in my leg. A trip to the emergency room and a diagnosis of near-fatal blood clots forced me to reconsider how I was living. Over the next year, I changed careers, organized my finances, fell in love with the man I’m now engaged to, and discovered coaching.

I see so many of my clients who are also just going through the motions. You might have a job where you don’t feel like you fit in, or you’re frustrated with waiting to meet the right guy. I’m here to show you how to clarify what you want and break through what’s stopping you from reaching it. There are much better ways to improve your life that don’t include a life-threatening wake up call!

A Life You Love

There’s more out there than a life that’s “good enough”. I was amazed with the transformation that’s possible when you question what you’ve always taken for granted. Having my own coach helped me to change so many limiting beliefs. Soon, I was inspired to become a coach myself. Now it’s your turn to question your assumptions and have a life you love as well!

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