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What Happens When I Have Too Much Alone Time

This week, my boyfriend is out of town. Of course I’ll miss him while he’s gone, but I also don’t like being alone in our apartment for the whole week. I love being able to talk to him after work and eating dinner together. Before we lived together, I loved sharing that time with my roommates every night.

Alone Time is Healthy

I’m definitely an introvert, and I love me some alone time! Just not a full week of it. I definitely try to schedule dinners with friends and have plans with others during the week, especially since I already work alone.

But I’ve noticed something about these weeks. I always have some super emotional topic to talk about with my coach. I used to judge myself for this, telling myself that I should be able to handle myself better when Jeff is out of town.

Finally, with the help of my coach, I was able to let go of the judgment and get curious on why this happened. I realized that these issue are there every week. They’re just more obvious when I’m spending a lot of time alone!

Life without Distractions

Not that I consider Jeff a distraction. But, I do spend a lot more time evaluating when he’s gone, like when I eat dinner in silence instead of talking with him. So of course these issues make their way to the surface then!

And best of all, I have a way to work through these issues when they do come up: working with my coach! I’ve worked through deciding to quit my corporate job, emotional eating, and relationship stress thanks to this alone time without distractions.

It’s so important to have someone to talk through these issues with when they come up, and a coach is a wonderful way to get that support in an objective and non-judging way. Whether you have a coach or not, I really encourage to you to work through these issues when they come up! This process is the most healing part of my life. It even helps me to be grateful for alone time (that initially looked like a challenge) for allowing me to process more of this natural stress in my life.

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