April Favorite Five

Here are my favorite five things from April!

Favorite Splurge: Massage

Everyone has that super luxurious but slightly guilty hobby… I LOVE massages. And I’ve stopped feeling guilty about getting them! I feel invigorated yet relaxed for several days after I get one. I’m a huge fan of Future Perfect Massage, but I really recommend trying out a local massage therapist wherever you are located.

Favorite Meal: RamenRamen Momofuku Favorite Five

I have had ramen only twice, but I’ve loved it both times- once in Nashville at Otaku Ramen and once in DC at Momofuku. Anyone have good recommendations for Ramen in Atlanta? I need to find somewhere in my own city!


Favorite App #1: OverDrive

I normally have a favorite book, but I haven’t read anything new this month! That rarely happens for me- reading is one of my favorite hobbies.

I have, however, been using OverDrive to listen to more books while in the car. I’m a huge fan of public libraries, and I rarely buy books. So while idea of Audible sounds cool, I don’t like the costs. OverDrive is linked to my local library account, however, so I can rent audiobooks straight from my phone! You can also rent ebooks on your phone, but I prefer reading ebooks on my Kindle or physical books.

While I haven’t listened to anything new recently, Five Presidents by Clint Hill, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, and Lost and Found by Geneen Roth are a few favorites I’ve enjoyed on OverDrive.

Favorite App #2: Insight Timer

Insight is the meditation app that I use every morning. Like OverDrive, it’s a great free alternative to popular paid apps. There are over 5,000 guided meditations, sorted by topic and by rating. There’s also a timer for silent meditation, which is what I use. The timer has the option to set interval bells throughout the meditation to bring you back to the present moment.

Favorite Podcast: The Kate and Mike Show

Kate Northrup, the author of Money: A Love Story, and her husband and business partner, Mike Watts, talk about life, love, and business. I look forward to this podcast every Tuesday morning and have used so many of their tips in my own life and business! Plus they are hilarious and fun to listen to. Definitely worth checking out!

What great finds did you have this month?


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