The Best Gift For Your Future Self

A Life Changing Decision

I was on the phone with Rachel, my soon-to-be life coach. After several group programs with her company, I was contemplating signing up for 1:1 coaching. I loved the idea of coaching, but I was nervous about spending the money. Would it be worth it?

When I brought up my concern, Rachel said something to me that day that I’ll never forget: “The best investment you can make is an investment in your future self.” I knew coaching would truly be an investment in the life I want to make for myself. And having a coach who understands you, as Rachel did, is an important part of of the client-coach relationship. The more connection there is between a coach and a client, the more empowered the client will be to make changes.

What Is Coaching Worth to You?

This is the most important question for you to ask! Coaching is about the client- YOU. Any program you sign up for should have clear benefits.

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The Top 3 Changes You Would Make

What top 3 changes would you make in your life? How much would it be worth to reach all three of your goals?

Maybe getting a new job is at the top of your list. Coaching can’t guarantee you will get an offer letter from that one company you’ve had your eye on. It can, however, help you go after the jobs you want more effectively, and learn to enjoy your current job during the search. The journey becomes just as important and as enjoyable as reaching your destination. And by working smarter, you’re more likely to get the offer letter!

Learn How to be Happy in Any Situation

One of my major takeaways from coaching was how to be around continually negative people without getting sucked into the “negativity vortex.” Being aware of my emotions and reactions helps me stay positive even when I’m around that one friend who complains constantly.

Your weight, your job, and even your relationships don’t have to determine how your day goes. Happiness is all about having a good attitude and choosing how to react to the situation you are in.

Knowing “Why” Helps You Change “What”

Have you ever had a goal you’ve tried to reach time and time again? Coaching can help break through that resistance by discovering why you do what you do. Once you understand your mental hangups around food, for example, it’s a lot easier to lose the weight you’ve been trying to lose for years.

Forcing yourself to work harder in the same old ways is not the way to success. Working smarter and solving underlying problems is the best way to move closer to your dreams.

The Value from Coaching Is Much More than What You Pay

Coaching empowers you to make long-term, life-changing adjustments in your life. It’s been one of the best investments I have made for myself, and I would love to share the same amazing results with you.

Are you ready to commit to your future self? Fill out your name and email below to get a FREE coaching assessment. We will discuss more about what coaching can do for you, how it works, and whether my program is a good fit for you.


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