Celebrate Failure

So often, failure is something bad, or something to be afraid of. At the best, it’s something to put up with, to learn from when you can, or a temporary setback. Of course, it’s totally normal to be upset when you fail at something that’s important to you. And you might think it’s crazy to reframe failure in a positive way- but just give it a chance.

Reframing Failure

I saw a post on Facebook last week from my cousin who’s in med school. He wanted to know what people had failed at this week- so that they could celebrate the failures. He pointed out that when you’ve failed at something, it means you tried. And many times, you went out of your comfort zone or tried something new. When you look at it this way, failure really is something to celebrate!

celebrate failure because there are only opportunities

How Can You Celebrate Failure?

It starts with sharing, even if you’re ashamed or afraid to acknowledge that you failed. In the past week, I have failed at having a conversation with Jeff about our finances. I got really upset when I wanted to stay calm, and I was grumpy for the rest of the day because of it.

When you share your failures, think about how you benefitted from this failure. How did it bring you out of your comfort zone? What did you learn?

What have you failed at this week? Let me know in the comments!


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