Choose Your Struggles in Life

I started listening to the audiobook of “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” by Mark Manson this weekend. The book provoked me, challenged my beliefs, and made me think harder than I had all weekend- a definite success.

The Best Question to Ask Yourself

Manson claims it’s not about what positive experiences we want, because everyone wants the same things. We want to be happy, to be successful, blah blah blah. The real question is- what are we willing to struggle for?

What in life do we want so badly that we will gladly take all the crap that comes with it?

Take being famous. Sounds great, right? Money, beauty, and all that. But movie star fame comes with its own challenges- the hard work before you’re “discovered”, the paparazzi, the criticism, and so much more. You don’t get the benefits of fame without the problems of fame.

No matter what you’re working towards, there are always going to be struggles in life. You just need to ask yourself if the struggles you’re choosing are worth it.

My Decision

Right now, I’m making a big decision in my life- choosing between the stability of my current job and taking my coaching business full time. Planning out the struggles I’ll face in each scenario helped me put my two options into perspective.

Stability comes with boredom, with time spent away from my loved ones, with doing work I that doesn’t excite me, and with regret that I never gave my dream a chance.

Trying something new means a lot more risk, uncertainty, and vulnerability. It means putting my dreams out into the open and dealing with people’s reactions.

Which struggles in life do I want?

I’m honestly not yet sure. Neither is an easy choice. I’m leaning towards vulnerability right now- I really don’t enjoy boredom or regret.

Whatever I decide, I want to be willing to take the challenges that come with my choice. If that’s taking my business full time, I want to embrace the hell out of being vulnerable and not knowing how people will react.

The benefits will be fun, but accepting the difficulties will make the difference between giving up or sticking with it when I’m having a bad day.

I’ll let you know which struggles I choose.

What’s worth the struggle to you?

Share the challenges you’ve chosen in the comments!

Best wishes for the week ahead.


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