Core Values

Have you ever looked around and wondered how you got here?

One of my clients had that experience with her job recently. She feels like she wasn’t even paying attention to the last 10 years of her career, and she’s not even sure if she likes where she is now.

I know I’ve felt this way, too, although for me it was being out of shape. How did I go from running half-marathons regularly to having trouble running a mile?

In either situation, the first step is to clarify what’s important.

Let’s start by naming your values. My values, for example, are love, growth, and connection.

Side note: many people list family, friends, or church as their values. Those things are all awesome, and of course they’re important to you. But I want you to go deeper when writing out your values. What does family mean to you? Does your family make you feel love, or compassion, or joyful? Those are your values.

You want your values to be something that can apply in any area of your life. Let’s take my value of connection as an example. I can feel connection with my family, but also with my friends, my body, my business, my fiance… you get the picture. I can take any area of my life and see how much connection I feel in that area.

In other words, how do you want to feel each day?

Do you have three core values that click with you?

Next, let’s see how you are living out those values in each area of your life.

Value 1:


Value 2:


Value 3:


Health & Wellness
Lifestyle/Life Purpose

On a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest), how much are you living out each of your values in these 5 areas?

Now, it’s time to take some action. Pick ONE box (that means one area & one value) that you’d like to work on first. What can you do this week to improve that rating? For example, if your value of connection shows up as a 5 in your career, how can you move it to a 6 this week? Once you’ve started with this area, you can come back and work on another.

When you’re truly living life based on your values, you don’t wake up one day and realize you don’t know how you got here. Clarifying your values is a huge step towards an intentional life.






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