How to Set Goals

And Follow Through Every Time

How to Use This Guide

-Print this page and fill in your answers.

-Download and print the PDF version. How to Set Goals

-Use your favorite journal or writing app to record your answers.

Choose Your Vision

Your vision is a lofty, abstract idea. Meeting these depends on your definition of healthy or great relationship. Generally, these are ideals you continuously reach for, not a defined achievement.

Example: I want to be healthy.

My Vision: _________________________________________

Set Your Goal

Change your vision into something actionable.

Example: I want to lose 5 lbs.

My Goal: _________________________________________

Now you’re going to set high, middle, and low expectations for your goal. Two easy ways to do this are to decide how often you want to do something or by when you want to do something. Just make sure that it’s easy to tell whether you’ve met your expectations or not. If your goal is to find a new job, and your high expectation is to find a new job really soon, it will be difficult to know exactly when “really soon” is.

Example: I want to lose 5 pounds…

Low: in two months

High: in one month

Middle: in six weeks

My Goal: _________________________________________

Low (What’s the lowest you would be satisfied with?): _________________________________________

High (What would knocking it out of the park look like?): _________________________________________

Middle (What’s the middle of these two?): _________________________________________

Set the First Step

The more you break steps down, the easier it will be for you to work towards your goal. If your goal is to complete Whole30, there’s a lot of planning involved before you start the program. What is the very first thing you need to do?

Example: I want to lose 5 pounds, so I’m going to eat better, which to me means eating less sugar. I know I’ll go crazy if I give up sugar completely, so I’ll aim for eating dessert only once a week. It would be a lot easier to eat less dessert if I get rid of the sweets that are already in my house, so that will be my first step. (TIP: if you live with a roommate or family, your first step might be getting them on board with not having dessert in the house!)

First Step: Get rid of desserts in your house by Sunday evening

Is this reasonable? Yes

What do I need to do to start working towards my goal?






My first step: _________________________________________

I will complete my first step AND have my second step set by: _________________________________________

Is this reasonable? _________________________________________

How will I hold myself accountable? _________________________________________

Always set the next step by the time you’ve set for yourself! If you commit to throwing out desserts in your house by Sunday evening, you should ALSO set your next step by Sunday evening. One of the most common pitfalls of working towards your goals is forgetting to set the next step.

If your first step isn’t reasonable by the time you want to have it done, go back and revise. Do you need more time? Is there another step that needs to come first?

Move to the Next Step

Now that you’ve conquered the first step, what comes next?

Example Second Step: Track whenever you eat dessert for the next week.

Example Third Step: Brainstorm how you can decrease the number of times you eat dessert in a week to once a week. How were you feeling when you ate dessert? What triggered you to eat?

My next step: _________________________________________

I will complete this step AND have the following step set by: _________________________________________

Is this reasonable? _________________________________________

How will I hold myself accountable? _________________________________________

TIP: Write down your vision, goal, and current step somewhere you will see it. I have a post-it on my computer reminding me that I am working towards having better energy by sleeping 8 hours every night!

Continue setting next steps until you reach your goal!


Give yourself a reward when you meet a goal! Then set a new one. Growth is an important part of being human and being happy.