Good Morning, Beautiful


How do you spend the first two hours of your day?

According to an IDC Research study in 2013, 79% of people ages 18-44 check their smartphone in the first 15 minutes of their day. I am often one of them, and I would guess many of you are as well. This often sets us up for a day dependent on smartphones and other technology- checking email constantly, getting Facebook notifications, and feeling anxious when we aren’t “connected.”

How would your day be different if you started your morning by writing in a journal or going for a run?

Over the last few months, I have been cultivating a morning routine that makes me excited to get out of bed every day: journaling, drinking hot tea and eating my breakfast, reading in bed, and going for a walk before work.

Morning Routine

I have the luxury of going to work later in the morning, but even fifteen minutes of reading can settle your mind and prepare you for the day. If you have trouble waking up in the morning, try drinking a glass of water to refresh you before you head for the caffeine or hit snooze. If you think thirty more minutes of rest will give you more energy than a walk, just try getting up and going for a walk once to see how you feel. The next day, getting up will be easier because you know how good that walk will feel.

Here are a few ideas I recommend:

-write in a journal
-read on the porch (Check out my new recommended book list)
-read a daily devotional
-listen to a podcast as you get ready (The Moth always makes me laugh)
-drink a cup of hot tea
-take a walk
-practice yoga (on your own or with a class)
-go for a run
-set goals for the day or week
-eat breakfast with your roommates or family

How will you change your morning routine?

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