How to Feel Productive at the End of the Day

So many of my clients and friends say that their days feel rushed, and they feel like they never get anything done. I had one of those days yesterday: I had lots of errands to do, got distracted by some wedding research, and ended up feeling like I hadn’t accomplished anything. Not a good feeling. But most days, I’m really dedicated to making the most of my day, no matter how busy I get, and feeling like I’ve accomplished something important.

Here’s what I do to feel productive every day.

Your “Must Do” List

Even on a day like yesterday, there are a couple of non-negotiable things I do every day. This doesn’t have to be a morning routine, despite the many books and Instagram challenges that say otherwise.

Here are the things I do every day:

  • Meditate
  • Move my body (usually a walk or yoga)
  • Have a 15 minute check in with Jeff
  • Read before I go to bed

I do not compromise on these. I also don’t do them when I first wake up, except for meditation. Moving my body is usually in the late morning/early afternoon, I check in with Jeff when he gets home from work, and I read before I fall asleep.

My “nice to haves” are reading Geneen Roth, eating at least one meal by myself, and getting alone time during the day. But I can go without these and still feel satisfied. If I miss moving my body or something else from my “must do” list, I feel drained and slightly resentful.

What’s on your must do list? What do you need to do every day so you don’t feel burned out?

Start with what’s important

Sometimes (ok, a LOT of times), you’re going to have a busy day, and you won’t get everything done. When you start with the most important thing you need to get done, you’re guaranteed to check that off! If you start with something that’s not really important, like email or organizing your desk, you may not get to that more important task.

If you’re doing the most important thing on your to do list every day, you’re going to feel productive at the end of every day! One mistake I made with my “errand day” yesterday was not following through with this. And not following through made so much of a difference in how productive I felt I was yesterday.

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