January Favorite Five

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Favorite Five post! Here’s what I’m enjoying right now.

Favorite Fiction Books

The Guardian series by Nora Roberts– Fun, easy romance trilogy. Perfect for relaxing on a weekend.

Favorite Recipe

Hello Fresh Sesame Chicken Noodles– This recipe was delicious! My boyfriend and I tried Hello Fresh for the first time this past week. The recipes were easier than other meal prep services I have used, and the food was great. These Sesame Chicken Noodles were my favorite, and we are definitely going to recreate the recipe on our own. We also tried the Poblano Beef Chili and the Butternut Squash Agnolotti.

Favorite Workout

I’ve started swimming due to a knee injury that has kept me from running for the foreseeable future. Last time I swam regularly was in middle school, but I’m really enjoying the workout. I’ve missed that post-workout soreness and the endorphins.

Favorite HobbyGarden picture favorite five

I’m trying to grow peppers and cilantro right now. I have a Grow Bag with seeds planted inside our apartment, and I had a few shoots of an unidentified plant spring up from the compost pile. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m hoping to have my own vegetables in the spring and summer!


Favorite Podcast

Side Hustle School– Hosted by Chris Guillebeau, this is a short 5-15 minute podcast that gives new side hustle story every day. Perfect for anyone looking to make some money on the side!


What have you tried recently?


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