Net Worth Update: June 2017

Those of you who get paid bi-weekly- don’t you love the months when you get 3 paychecks?? Look at the impact in my savings!

Asset Total Monthly Change Percent Change
Wells Fargo (401)k $22,586.16 +$1,135.11 +5.29%
Betterment- Brokerage $13,842.93 +$97.76 +0.71%
Synchrony- High Yield Savings $9,176.61 +$3,611.57 +64.90%
Checking Account $910.06 -$196.39 -17.75%
Total  $46,515.75  $4,648.05 11.10%

My biggest update is that I set a date to leave my job- August 3! I’m going all out with taking coaching full time instead of a sabbatical. I’ll be writing a post on the details next week, but you can check out part 1 of how I made my decision here.

Net Worth Update June 2017

A breakdown of my accounts and my progress:

Wells Fargo 401(k): +$1,135.11

This is my retirement account through my company. I contribute 6% of my income and take advantage of my company match, which is up to 6% as well. My Betterment brokerage account is my first priority, not my 401(k), because I don’t want to pay tax penalties for withdrawing money during early retirement. I use Smart401(k) to determine my allocations within the account and maximize returns.

Betterment (Brokerage): +$97.76

Betterment is my main account for my early retirement goal, but I’m focusing on my High Yield Savings account right now.

Synchrony (High Yield Savings): +$3,611.57

I am 62% saved for my original goal of $15K, but I’m 92% saved for my new goal of $10K. This savings will supplement the money I’m already making from coaching, so I won’t be relying entirely on this account.

Checking Account: -$196.39

Normal fluctuations based on when I paid my credit card.

Income and Expenses

Below is my updated Wall Chart for the month… you can see my income and expenses. The bottom line (the one you can barely see in yellow, ha) is income from my investment accounts- once this line crosses my expenses, I will have reached Financial Freedom! For more on Wall Charts, see my recommendations on building a better budget.

Wall Chart June 2017

Do you track your net worth? Did you reach any milestones this month? Let me know in the comments!

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