The Happiness Project

One of my favorite nonfiction authors recently is Gretchen Rubin. I started with Better than Before, a book about setting and breaking habits that I’ve mentioned before, and then quickly jumped to The Happiness Project and Happier at Home. Gretchen’s Happiness Project was a year long exploration into twelve different areas (Marriage, Parenthood, Possessions, etc.), where she spent one month working on resolutions in each area.

I have decided to start my own happiness project this year.

My focus areas:

  • August- be a loving girlfriend
  • September- have fun
  • October- minimize possessions
  • November- health
  • December- family
  • January- money
  • February- spirituality
  • March- writing
  • April- friends
  • May- try new things
  • June- give back
  • July- personal development

I just started “Minimize Possessions” month, and I have been really enjoying the project so far.

My main goal for this month is to follow the Kon Mari method (from Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up). I have found so much that I can sell/give away, and I’m excited about getting rid of it! Poshmark has been very helpful for selling clothes.

My resolutions for the month:

  • Work on my own excess- a.k.a. don’t bug my boyfriend about minimizing his things. This is my choice, and I need to focus on changing myself, not complaining about others.
  • Make up my bed every day
  • Clean out and put away my purse every day- no more leaving it by the door and allowing everything inside to accumulate until it barely fits
  • Garden- We have a plot in our community garden, which I’m really excited about. I can’t wait to be able to eat vegetables that we grew and to have fresh flowers!
  • Work on the Kon Mari method daily- As Marie Kondo mentions in her book, this is a one time, big bang change, not a daily habit. But I need to work on it daily to be able to finish during the month!

Do you have any resolutions for the month? Or for the year? Have you ever tried a happiness project?

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