My Word for 2018: Alignment

What Is Alignment?

Alignment comes from the idea that like attracts like: if you’re in a good state of mind/energy, more good things will come to you. If you’ve ever heard of the Law of Attraction, it’s the same idea. I’ve been learning about alignment this past year through The Lively Show, one of my favorite podcasts, and I’ve decided it’s time to put these ideas into practice for myself.

So, I’ve chosen “alignment” as my word to focus on in 2018. Focusing on attracting what I want doesn’t mean I’m just going to sit on my couch and expect things to come to me. But when I get into alignment before I take action, I can magnify the actions I do take. I can receive much greater results with much less effort.

When I’m in alignment, I feel happy, connected to those around me, and I want to get things done! When I sit down to work, I’m focused, my mind is clear, and I’m much more productive. For me, that looks like writing this post in a dedicated 30 minute block instead of 2 hours, broken up by checking Facebook! It makes even more of an impact when I’m working with clients. Coaching conversations just flow, instead of having to check myself to stay focused. My clients get MUCH better results from a coach who’s in alignment versus one who’s dealing with resistance, frustration, or just focused on something else.

Of course, I’m not going to be in alignment all the time, but I want to maximize these effects whenever I can.

How I Bring Alignment into My Life

I do four things every day to get into alignment. What lights you up is going to be different than what lights me up.


I meditate for 10 minutes every morning. Sometimes I can clear my mind with no effort, sometimes I just accept that thoughts about wedding planning are going to pop up every 5 seconds. Either way, those 10 minutes make a huge difference in my day. I can tell a difference in my state of mind and my focus when I’ve meditated (and everyone around me can tell that I get stressed more easily when I haven’t!).


I walk outside, usually for around 30 minutes. Today, I walked on the treadmill because it was 22 degrees (and I live in Georgia!), and it’s not the same. It’s that combination of being in nature and moving my body that really charges me up.


I love listening to self-development audiobooks and podcasts. Right now, I’m listening to You’re a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero. Some other favorites have been Women, Food, and God by Geneen Roth and The Lively Show podcast mentioned earlier. I love reading fiction books, but these more uplifting audiobooks have been more effective for getting into alignment, especially when I listen while walking outside.


At minimum, I journal every night before I go to bed. I also like writing (stream of consciousness style) if I’m feeling resistance, at the start of a new year, or after a major life event. Writing helps me process my feelings and my day in general.

How can you get into alignment?

Take a minute and write down everything that comes to mind that lights you up. Over the next week, try different things on your list and notice how you feel after. What do you turn to make a bad day better? What can you do every day? I also have a list of things I love to do that I can do on special occasions, like walking on the beach.

I’d love to know what you do to get into alignment/get into your zone of genius/get into flow!






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